8th Dr. ZhiYu - Everbright Cup Open Table Tennis Championships Results



USATT Sanctioned 1 star Tournament

May 8, 2010
Thomas Jefferson Middle School Gym (Everbright School Group, YuCai Branch)
 Gym, 450 Division Street,   Edison, New Jersey 08817
TOURNAMENT DIRECTORS:  Jin Mahr (www.everbright.org)
REFEREE: Chris Lehman
Event Championship: Yu, Thomas; Fan, Wesley; Oseni, Lukmon

Event 2 Under 2350 Singles
  1st Place  Yu, Thomas
  2nd Place  Fan, Wesley
  3rd Place  Oseni, Lukmon
  4th Place  Guo, Qi

Event 3 Under 1950 Singles
  1st Place  Guo, Qi
  2nd Place  Ye, Irisa
  3rd Place  Qiu, Claire

Event 4 Under 1550 Singles
  1st Place  Pickard, Jonathan
  2nd Place  Patel, Ushir
  3rd Place  Arokia-Raj, Vijay

Event 5 Under 1000 Singles
  1st Place  Foo, Edwin
  2nd Place  Chen, Pen-Pen
  3rd Place  Foo, Alex

Event 7 Under 12 Singles
  1st Place  Qiu, Claire
  2nd Place  Kwong, Justin
  3rd Place  Balaraman, Arjun
  4th Place  Lu, William
Event 8 Community adult
first place: Pickard Jonathan
Second place: LiBin Li
3rd place: David Lu
Event 9 Pre-College/Community Under 19 
first place: Jimmy Wang
Second place: bettey Qin
3rd Place: Jianxing Ma
Event 10 Community Under 11 
first place: Prasand Sanker
Second place: Jefferson Hu
3rd Place: Jeremy mahr
Everbright NJ State Table Tennis Club:
Mailing Address: P.O.Box 484, Three Bridges, NJ 08887
Contact: - Jin Mahr Tel: (732) 763 9178 or Michelle, 8482280970, or Sam Mujumdar (908) 595 9707
Email: Principal Jin Mahr at principal@everbright.org or Coaches: Chris Lehman; Richard Williams; George Zhou, Wesley Fan, Jason mahr, Sam Mujumdar
Saturday (From Sept to Next June)
Hours of operation:9:20Am to 1 Pm
Gym, 450 Division Street, Edison, NJ 08817*
Number of Tables: 8 Tables
1:40PM to 3:30pM ; 3:30pm to 5:20PM
Summer Camp Hours: Tuesday, Thursday (3:45pm to 6:30pm) (July to Aug)
312 Plianfield Ave, Edison , NJ 08817*
Number of Tables: 5 Tables
10M to 5:30pM
314 Plianfield Ave, Edison , NJ 08817*
Number of Tables: 5 Tables
Sunday (From Sept to Next June)
Hours of operation:2pm to 6 Pm
1 Ethel Rd, Edison, NJ 08817*
Number of Tables: 5 Tables
 1.* In the same parking lot, next building
 2. NJ state Everbright Cup Championships (USATT 1 Star) held every 6 months
www.everbrightgroup.org; and www.everbright.org