The 28th Everbright SAT will start from Feb 12, 2011

The 28th Everbright SAT will start from Feb 12, 2011

It is a great opportunity for high school students to improve academically. This is also good news for parents who see their children’s education as their first priority. For those parents with children in high school, Fall is an important time to focus on preparing for the SAT and tests. However, if you open the newspaper, there are a variety of SAT prep class advertisements. To choose a practical and high quality SAT class is a difficult task. Just as Mrs. Paulina Ong, a parent of Everbright School Group at Edison, has stated, tuition is not the factor. The important thing is that the children will not waste their precious time and not create further frustration due to no qualified teachers. After listening to the requests of numerous parents, Everbright has been offering SAT classes for its 7th year. The class is taught by the highly recommended teachers from ‘TEST MART’ team.

It has been said that great teachers produce great students. To name only a few who attended Everbright SAT class, Amy wang from Morris High, and Angela Wang from JP high. Received full score of 2400. Mr. Ryan liu received SATII full score of 800; Mrs Emily Ong, a high school sophomore received a 2300. All are on a real practice SAT released by College Board. Stacy attributed the ‘big leap’ in her SAT score to our unique way of teaching. She has also stated that the preparation done in class for the SAT’s essay section is extremely effective. She is very confident that the class will enable her to continue to improve her scores. In addition, student Angela Wang (when she was 8th grade) received a score of 2000 on the same test later on went to Yale with perfect SAT score . For their exceptional performance, these students were presented $100 gift certificates by Edison Mayor and China NY Education Counselor on the Anniversary Party for Everbright School Group.

Everbright’s SAT class now has a great reputation. People asked our SAT teacher what

the secret to successful teaching is. With smile, the reply is that it was life time of SAT

teaching experience combined with students’ great efforts and parent support. Also,

after this year’s 6th summer camp, Everbright cont’ to offer daytime SAT class from

10 AM to 1:20 PM on Saturdays.


our standard duration for SAT is 14 weeks, on Saturdays (10:00am to 11:30pm- Math; 11;30pm to 13:00 pm- reading/writing; 13:00 to 13:20PM -Practice). Our SAT sessions are year around. Cost is $950+plus application fee $50, and $50 material fee to teachers.

To register, please check Everbright’s web site,, under registration and send an email with the application from (can be on-line with credit cards) to You may also contact Ms. Michelle Chen at (848)2280970; or Mrs Sze. 7323293245;Mrs. Ma at 7327639178


About our SAT teachers:

If you were in the market for an SAT class, what would you want in a teacher?  Perhaps you would want someone who has worked with over 1,000 students.  Maybe you would want someone who has "been there"-- an Ivy League graduate.  While these are important, it is even more important that the teacher is personable and can get results from his students.  You would probably like your child to be entrusted to somone who has coached a student through a perfect score, one who currently has students at such respected institutions as UPenn, Johns Hopkins, Cornell, Dartmouth, Columbia, and Harvard.  But maybe they were going to get in anyway?  The teachers have had a student improve 750 points and has had students go up from a 680 to a perfect score in their critical reading.  Our teachers teacher have been a full-time SAT teacher for the past many years and has worked with all levels of students.