Pre-News for the events on Oct 29, 2011

Dear Parents:


       This year is our school 10th year anniversary. During 10 years, we served our community by offering many different programs. Hundreds students learned different languages, cultures, and skills in our school and graduated.  For bring better service and program to our community, at this gold season, our school is going to have a whole day fund raising program on Oct. 29, 2011.  During the day, we have seminars in different project such as Dr. Zhiyu Hu (Legal advise for real estate, etc); Dr.Zhuang and team for college tuition planning and investment, etc… and USATT sanctioned star table tennis tournament. In the evening, we are going to have a music and dance show at Café Hall and ballroom dance party at Gym.  The tickets are $12/each for general admission; $25 for VIP, dinner is included. All the tickets are tax deductible.  For making our program better, we need your support.  Every of our student is going to receive a free ticket.  We hope parents can purchase more tickets.  All the funds are going to the education program.  Please come to join us, let’s enjoy together to have a wonderful and romantic day.  Edison Mayor etc will come to support the events. Thank you for supporting us.


Everbright School Group Committee

Oct. 22, 2011