Oct 29 Seminars (9:30am to 1;30pm)

9:30am to 10:15am: Little Spring Teachers teachers will be there to FREE demo East Mental Math Program (SheMo Xin Suan Detail on our web under courses)
10:15am to 11:00am: Dr ZhiyuHu, Lawyer
Topic1; speaking about how to buy shortsale property (怎样购买拍卖房) with discount fee for our mebers.
Topic2: Election process etc
Please see attached for the vote by mail application form and a sample of how to fill it out.  This lets you receive your blank ballot in the mail and you mail your vote back early without having to go to the polls on Election Day.  The application form can be mailed from home or you can also drop it off at Mr. Hu's office.

11am to 12pm Education Fund workshop
Education is very important, also is very expensive. The world is changing rapidly. How can you  prepare and plan early and efficiently to save extra money wisely for the uncertain future? You need to know.
The seminar will discuss the strategies on how you could find the financial aid and how you can wisely better prepare the college fund for your kids. The experienced experts will share the real cases on how a double income family gets more than after tax $20,000 grant each year. 
 As parents, have you got a chance to know:
What are the financial challenges we are facing for sending kids to college school now,  after 10 or  after 18 years? 
 Are you ready to pay for college for your kids? By your own money or financial aid?  
 Is it true you won’t be able to qualify for any financial aid if you have annual income >=$200,000? Real Cases to Share!!!!!!!  
 How does the financial aid system work? How to qualify for financial aid and save your money.
12pm to 1pm:
SC foreclusre house by Dr Jane Zheng
FL Longterm and short term rental Investment stregey by Mrs Lucia Fan
NJ House investment (past, now and Future); Realtors TBD
1pm to 2pm:
Our School Group benefits such as Buying a car, Joina FREE vacation, and many more
By Jin Ma and Team