Everbright Toastmaster Presentation Skills and Public Speaking Class

       We all have the experience when we had a presentation first time.  We felt there was a bunny in our heart jump up and down.  Hands and feet were shaking, Sweat came from our head.  There was a butterfly in our stomach hitting here and there. Under the bright light, audience suddenly became all devils, waiting to laugh at our mistakes.  We felt we could not well express ourselves under the pressure.  We even did not know what we talked about, just hope to finish fast and did not need to suffer anymore.


       Do you satisfy your presentation? Of course not.  But, nowadays, presentation is every where, no way to escape.  There are seminars in school, report meetings, research discussions, product demonstrations in businesses.  When we watch other people talk so fluently, steak so clearly and interesting, we really wish we could talk like that.  How can we improver our presentation skills?  The answer is to come to Everbright school toastmaster Presentation Skills and Public Speaking class.  Presentation skill is a technique. Just like other techniques, it is trainable.  Through the training, it will be gradually improved until perfect.  For example, when we read a good book, watched a good movie, we want to tell friend the story.  We need to organize the material, what to say first, what to say later.  What we should talk in detail, what we just talk very simply.  How can we make slides attractive?  Which point should we emphasize?  We need to consider all these questions.  Then, we need to have a lot of practice at front of people. Everbright School toastmaster class can help you to handle these skills.  After we having enough training and practicing, have our presentation material well prepared, our presentations will be interesting stories.  Audience will be attracted.  We will enjoy presentations ourselves.  This time we will achieve the great success. 


       Everbright School toastmaster class has a good teacher, Brian Cort who is from Bell Lab.  Starting with self introduction, he will teach you do presentation for various cases; for example, discussion meetings with several people or report presentation at front of several hundred people.  Mr. Cort will teach you how to do chalk talk, or present with slides, and transparencies.  A good presentation skill will help you to achieve great success in school or in company. 


       Everbright School welcome you join the toastmaster as a family.  You will get discount to join the class as a family.  You are welcome to try out.  For more information, please get touch with Mr. Jin Ma 732-763-9178; Mrs Jean Sze 7327639644; Mrz Michelle Chen 8482280970


Below is a meail from Coach, Brian Cort, Sr. scientist from Bell Lab and VP of Toastmaster Speech and Leadership Club:

Hi, Jin, You could call the program Presentation Skills and Public Speaking workshop rather than Toastmasters Speech club, since the program I taught is not strictly based on one of their modules.  The members of my advanced club are well connected to other toastmasters who might be willing to teach.

Presentation Skills Workshop and Public Speaking Workshop is better, also because it directly communicates what is being taught to those who may not be familiar with Toastmasters.