New program: Shenmo East Mental Math(神墨心算)



Shenmo East Mental Math


Abacus is considered the most effective way to initiate math for young children and sharpen math skills for everyone in the 21st century. Learning abacus provides stimulations that are socially responsive and intellectually congruent for the growth of brain cells. It is encouraged that kids start with the Abacus Math program as early as possible once they can count from 0 to 10. Relatively older kids can jump start Abacus Mental math levels after completing the first stage lessons. No matter what age start Abacus Mental Math, they will have lifelong benefits. 

To promoting multisensory integration, children between 4 and 12 retain a large ‘plasticity’ in their brains which shape according to environmental stimuli. Multisensory teaching is the use of all senses when teaching so that the different channels will support each other in learning. In an abacus math class, the students uses the visual channel (eyes), the auditory channel (ears) and kinesthetic (motor memory), and tactile (hands) to learn. Therefore, abacus math effectively motivates IQ effects through multisensory techniques. Multisensory techniques are also believed to be effective for students with learning disabilities. 


Shenmo East mental math was originally from China. It was created in 1998.Currently in Shenmo system, more than 20,000 teachers in 1,700 branches, and six millions children have been taken Shenmo mental math in China. Shenmo East is authorized Little Spring Learning Center to do Shenmo mental math in central NJ.



Shenmo East mental math totally has 6 levels. The first level is about addition and subtraction for ones. The second level is about addition and subtraction for tens. The third level is about multiplication and the forth level is about division. The fifth level and sixth level are about comprehensive exercises of addition, subtraction,

multiplication and division.  Each level needs 32 hours learning time for younger children at age between 4 to 6.   For older students at age between 7-13, each level needs 20 hours learning time    



Shenmo East mental math will help Academic Performance:



•      Establishes numeric relations in a clear and logical way for younger children 

•      Enables the younger children to respond to questions promptly  

•      Elevates memory, attention and understanding

•      Help students in learning in number manipulation skills and master arithmetic

•      Increases students’ ability to perform mental calculations

•      Helps students overcome the fears of mathematics and gain confidence 

•      Improve students a mathematical foundation and shore up their weak areas.  



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